Beginner's Introduction to ChatGPT

10X Your Productivity with ChatGPT

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Hi, I am Josh Kubicki and I want to accelerate your learning of ChatGPT.

I have been working and writing on ChatGPT for knowledge workers - giving tips, instructions, explanations, and loads of examples. I'm also a lawyer, law professor, and entrepreneur. I also created The Brainyacts Newsletter on generative AI for knowledge workers.

My goal for you and ChatGPT is to keep everything pragmatic and highly useful. I don't go deep into tech specs or theory - just stuff you can use now to 10x your daily productivity.

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    Here's everything that's inside:

    👋 Day 1: What is ChatGPT + Have ChatGPT Write Emails

    🤯 Day 2: Brainstorming ideas + Having ChatGPT Write for You

    💥 Day 3: Master ChatGPT by using Power Prompts

    🧐 Day 4: Get Conversant with Glossary + Brain Candy Prompt

    🚀 Day 5: 3 Power Uses Cases that 10x Your Productivity